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venison Hodgepodge

This is an excerpt from Ouverture de Cuisine
(France, 1604 - Daniel Myers, trans.)
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Venison hodgepodge. For venison hodgepodge, which is wild boar or red deer, take burned bread, & work pepper through a strainer, & put therein nutmeg, pepper, cloves & powder, sugar, cinnamon, red wine, two or three finely chopped onions, fry in butter, & boil them together well until it is thick.

Take a thigh of veal, & cut the meat next to the skin for one pound and a half of meat, take half a pound of beef fat, & chop it well all together, & put therein also some nutmeg, a quarter ounce of ginger, four raw eggs, a little salt, a little chopped good herbs with, if you make the meat like a little ham, & you put therein like the upright ham a little foot of capon for making the sleeve of the ham, then take pine nuts & plant them therein the ham all about, & put it to cook in the oven, or over the coals: for the sauce take white wine or red, & put therein sugar & cinnamon, nutmeg & pepper, currants, boiled orange peel & cut into strips like tripe, & set to boil all together.

Hodgepodge sliced into large pieces & take the roots of carrots, or roots of radishes, cut very small, and put them to stew with the mutton, or instead of the root vegetables take peeled chestnuts, & put them into the hodgepodge instead of the root vegetables.


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