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To Mak Hattes In Flesche tyme

This is an excerpt from A Noble Boke off Cookry
(England, 1468)
The original source can be found at

To mak hattes in flesshe tyme mak a paiste of pured flour, knodene with yolks of eggs and mak a stuf of vele or pork sodene tender and ground with yolks of eggs putther to mary diced and dates mynced smalle and raissins of corrans with sugur saffron and salt and pouder mellid to gedur in paiste and wound foilles of the brod of a saucere as thyn as ye may dryf them and dryf them that the bredes may cuver to the middes of the foile then turn them to gedur that the bredes of the inor sid met all about and lesse the bred and turn upward without in the manner of an hatte and close welle the eggs that they hold full ther in and luk the stuf haue a good batter made with yolks of eggs and flour of whet the open sid that is downward luk ther in that the stuf be clossed and so set it in hot grece up right and when the battur is fried lay them doun and serve them.


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