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To Mak Rostand

This is an excerpt from A Noble Boke off Cookry
(England, 1468)
The original source can be found at

To mak rostand tak and mak a stiff bater of egg and pured floure sugur a goodelle and alitill yest of new ale and set it by the fier or els in a pot with boillinge watur that it may take alitile heet when it riseth swinge it to gedur and let it fall agayne and let the ovene be heet and clene swept and put the floure in an ovone to bak that it ryse as frenche bred then tak it out and cut away the cruste about the brod of a noble and mak a hole and raise it all about under the cruste and longe and ouer thwart as thyk as thou may with a knyf and so doun to the botom hole the crust all about set on the crust aboue and set them in the ovene till they be somdele dried and serue it furthe.


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