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creme Of almonds

This is an excerpt from A Noble Boke off Cookry
(England, 1468)
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To mak creme of almonds tak blanched almondes and grind them up and temper them up akurd thik mylk with faire water drawe it into the pot and sett it on the fyere and stirre it welle when it begynnethe to rise / and ye have to myche put ther to a dishefulle of venygar if ther be alitille putt ther in the lesse hille the pot and let it stand awhile then tak a clene cloth and hold it abrod betweene iiij men strait cast the creme there in and rube it undirnethe the clothe with a ladille toward and froward with the egge of the ladille to draw out the watter then gadur it to gedur unto the myddle of the clothe then bind the corners to gedur and hong it upon a pyne and let the water run out then put it in a bolle and temper it up withe wyne and bruse it with a saucer as soft as ye wille and serue it.


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