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To Mak Cold Bruet For rabettes

This is an excerpt from A Noble Boke off Cookry
(England, 1468)
The original source can be found at

To mak cold bruet for rabettes tak and grind raissines or dates and drawe them up with ossay put ther in creme of almonds and pouder of cannelle a good quantite drawen with swet wyne and with pouder lombard pouder of guinger venygar and sugur then sett it on the fyere and when it is at boilinge tak it doun and put it in a bole then tak a rabet and boile it in good brothe then tak hym up and unlace hym by the bak from the bones on bothe sides and lay them in the sewe and when ye serue them furthe chop them in peces and raise the wings and leggs of chekkins and kerue them hole and chop the bodis and put them in the sewe and serue them furthe in the manner of sewe ryalle or egre douce


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