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A pyk In Sauce

This is an excerpt from A Noble Boke off Cookry
(England, 1468)
The original source can be found at

To dight a pik in sauce tak and dight the pouche and the fee of a pik and sethe it half in wyne and half in water cast ther to parsly and onyons mynced smale boile them well and sethe pik in good brothe and as it boilithe tak of the grece and cast yt to the pouche and fee then tak som payn mayn cutt thyn as brewes and toist it on a gredirne then mynce the pouche and the fee and alay it up with ale and cast ther to venygar then lay the pik in a chargiour and the resset with the pouche and the fee aboue and serue it furthe.


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