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To Boyle The Common Way

This is an excerpt from A NEVV BOOKE of Cookerie
(England, 1615)
The original source can be found at Thomas Gloning's website

To boyle the common way. TRusse and parboyle them, and put them into a Pipkin with strong broth: then take Parsley, Endiffe, Spinnage, a Fagot of sweet Hearbes. Bruise your Parsley and Endiffe, and put them into a Pipkin, and two or three ribs of Mutton, and if you haue any Potatoes, or Skirrets, put them in with Marigold Flowers, and let them boyle well together: then slice one Carrot, and cast it in, and serue it with a few large Mace, and a little Uergis. Take the yolkes of halfe a dozen Egges, mince them by themselues fine, and the parboyld Parsley by it: then mingle them with a few Barberryes, cast all these things on the top of the Chickens, after you haue put them in the Dish: so also may you doe with a Knuckle of Ueale.


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