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To Bake A pigge

This is an excerpt from A NEVV BOOKE of Cookerie
(England, 1615)
The original source can be found at Thomas Gloning's website

To bake a Pigge. SCalde it, and split it in the middest, flay it, and take out the bones. Season it with Pepper, Salt, Cloues, Mace, and Nutmeg: chop sweet hearbs fine, with the hard yolkes of two or three new layd Egges, and parboyld Currins. Then lay one halfe of your Pigge into your Pye, and Hearbes on it: then put on the other halfe with more Hearbes aloft vpon it, and a good piece of sweet Butter aloft vpon all. Jt is a good Dish both hot and cold.


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