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A Made Dish Of sheepes Tongues

This is an excerpt from A NEVV BOOKE of Cookerie
(England, 1615)
The original source can be found at Thomas Gloning's website

A made Dish of Sheepes tongues. BOyle them tender, and slice them in thinne slices: then season them with Sinamon, Ginger, and a little Pepper, and put them into a Coffin of fine Paste, with sweet Butter, and a few sweet Hearbes, chopt fine. Bake them in an Ouen. Then take a little Nutmeg, Uinegar, Butter, Sugar, the yolke of a new laid Egge, one spoonfull of Sacke, and the iuyce of a Lemon: Boyle all these together on a chafing-dish of Coales, and put it into your Pye: shog it well together, and serue it to the Table.


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