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To Smoore An Old coney

This is an excerpt from A NEVV BOOKE of Cookerie
(England, 1615)
The original source can be found at Thomas Gloning's website

To smoore an old Coney, Ducke, or Mallard, on the French fashion. PArboyle any of these, and halfe roast it, launch them downe the breast with your Knife, and sticke them with two or three Cloues. Then put them into a Pipkin with halfe a pound of sweet Butter, a little white Wine Uergis, a piece of whole Mace, a little beaten Ginger, and Pepper. Then mince two Onyons very small, with a piece of an Apple, so let them boyle leisurely, close couered, the space of two howers, turning them now and then. Serue them in vpon Sippets.


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