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Twelve Servings Of Catalan-style White Dish

This is an excerpt from The Neapolitan recipe collection
(Italy, 15th c - T. Scully, trans.)
The original source can be found at University of Michigan Digital General Collection

Twelve Servings of Catalan-Style White Dish. Get two jugs of goat’s milk, and eight ounces of rice flour and set it to boil in the milk; then get a half-cooked capon breast and shred all this finely like hair, then put it in a mortar and pound it a couple of times with the pestle; when the milk has boiled for half an hour, add the capon breast into it along with a pound of sugar and let it all boil for four hours, stirring continuously with a spoon all the while; you will know it is cooked when it sticks to the spoon; then add in two ounces of rosewater; dish it up garnished on top with sugar unmixed with anything else.


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