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hemp seed mustard

This is an excerpt from The Neapolitan recipe collection
(Italy, 15th c - T. Scully, trans.)
The original source can be found at University of Michigan Digital General Collection

Hemp Seed Mustard. For twelve servings, get one pound of hemp seeds and carefully clear any stones from them, then boil them until they begin to open; then get one pound of well blanched almonds and grind them up, add in a crustless loaf of bread and distemper this with meat broth; then grind up the hemp seeds and strain them with good broth, and put the strained material with the almond milk and set it to boil on the coals away from smoke, stirring constantly with a spoon; then add half a pound of good sugar and half an ounce of white ginger, a little saffron and rosewater; dish it up with mild spices on top.


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