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sturgeon With Sauce

This is an excerpt from The Neapolitan recipe collection
(Italy, 15th c - T. Scully, trans.)
The original source can be found at University of Michigan Digital General Collection

Sturgeon with Sauce. Kill the sturgeon and leave it for two days to become more tender; cook it in good white wine mixed with an equal amount of water, and enough salt; boil the sturgeon as long as for veal, and break it into pieces -although it is prettier to serve it whole because any fish is better whole than in pieces; when it is cooked, take it out and color it yellow with saffron and orange juice if you like; the sauce for it should be White Sauce as I said above, but with more ginger. As well, you can serve White Garlic Sauce or else Mustard Sauce with it.

[Note that any fish should be well seasoned.]


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