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Stuffed Deep-fried eggs

This is an excerpt from The Neapolitan recipe collection
(Italy, 15th c - T. Scully, trans.)
The original source can be found at University of Michigan Digital General Collection

[Florentine-Style] Stuffed Deep-Fried Eggs. Make Florentine-Style Deep-Fried Eggs, as directed above [Recipe 155], but not too cooked; then from one side remove all of the yolks one by one; get grated old cheese, mint, parsley, marjoram, raisins, pepper and four of the egg yolks- and more depending on the quantity you want to make; mix everything together and refill the eggs through the hole, and set them to fry again until it is likely that the filling is cooked; then take them out and garnish with verjuice or oranges with a little ginger, and serve.


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