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To Serve Tripe In Yellow Sauce

This is an excerpt from Le Menagier de Paris
(France, 1393 - Janet Hinson, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

TO SERVE TRIPE IN YELLOW SAUCE. You may have it raw, or cooked. If raw, put them on to cook in a pot with water and without salt, and elsewhere cook a piece of beef leg or thigh without salt. And when the two pots are boiling, add the liquid from the beef to the tripe pot and cook the tripe longer than the beef; and when the tripe is almost cooked, add some bacon, and let it boil and cook together: and at the point where the tripe is ready to be taken out of the pot, add saffron, and when the saffron has made it yellow enough, remove the tripe, and add salt to the water if you wish. If you buy it cooked, parboil in the stock without salt; and then proceed as above.


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