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Poultry Stuffed Another Way

This is an excerpt from Le Menagier de Paris
(France, 1393 - Janet Hinson, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

POULTRY STUFFED ANOTHER WAY. Take your hens and cut out their crops, then scald and pluck, and be careful in plucking them that the skin is not torn; then do them again in water, then take a thin sharp blade and slip it between the flesh and the skin, and blow in it: then split them between the shoulders and do not make too large a hole, and pull out the innards, and leave the skin on the thighs, wings, neck up over the whole head and the feet. And to make the stuffing, take mutton, veal and pork and chicken meat; chop it all together coarsely, then grind in a mortar, and whole eggs with it and good fine cheese and good powdered spices and just a little saffron, and salt to taste. Then fill your chickens and sew up the hole, and from the remainder of your stuffing make balls the size of woad-balls, and put on to boil in beef bouillon or in good boiling water, with lots of saffron, and do not let it boil too strongly or they will fall to pieces; then put them on a good slender spit. And to make them golden, take lots of egg-yolks and beat them well with a little ground saffron, and gild them; and if you want them to be green, grind up green herbs and then lots of well-beaten egg-yolks passed through the sieve into the greens, and with it coat your poultry when it is cooked as well as your meatballs. And set up your spit or pot where your gilding is, and throw your gilding all along their length, and put back on the fire two or three times, until your gilding takes; and be careful that your gilding does not get too much heat or it will burn.


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