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Also It Is Cooked In Water And wine Added

This is an excerpt from Le Menagier de Paris
(France, 1393 - Janet Hinson, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

Also it is cooked in water and wine added, then powdered spices and saffron, and put in a dish in its cooking liquid like venison; then grind ginger, cinnamon, grains, long pepper and saffron, and soak in your bouillon, and take one part out of the mortar.

Item, grind (toasted?) bread, soak in the liquid from your fish and strain through a sieve, and put it all together to boil, and it will be clear; then serve like venison. Or grind up black pepper, and let your fish, without washing, be cooked in half water half wine, and put on a dish: and throw on your sauce such as sauce galantine, and serve. And when you want to eat it, take a little of the cooled sauce, and add either (charcoal?)-water, or its own liquid, or vinegar and so on, and put on the fire to warm.


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