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Coney Soup

This is an excerpt from Le Menagier de Paris
(France, 1393 - Janet Hinson, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

CONEY SOUP. First, Garenne coneys are known by the fact that the nape, that is to say from the ears to between the shoulders, is of a color between brown and yellow, and they are all white under the belly, and all four limbs on the inner side to the feet, and they must have no other white spot on their bodies, .

Item, you will know if they are in their first year, by a little bone on the joint of the fore-leg closest to the foot, and it is sharp. And when they are too old, the bones in the joint are united; and it is the same for hares and dogs. .

Item, you will know if they are freshly taken by the eyes not being sunken: you cannot open their teeth: they hold themselves straight on their feet; and when cooked, the belly remains whole. And if they have been long taken, they have sunken eyes: the mouth can easily be opened: you cannot hold them up straight; and when cooked, the belly falls to pieces: in winter, coneys taken eight days previously are good, and in summer, four days, as long as they have not been in the sun. And when they have been well chosen and skinned, then cut them into square pieces, and put them on to parboil, then put into cold water: then on each piece, on each side, three bacon strips; then put on to boil in water and in wine afterwards. Then grind ginger, grain, a clove, and moisten in beef stock or in the rabbit stock, and with a little verjuice, and put in a pot and boil till done.

Item, a salmi is made this way, but you add fried onions, and a few bread-crumbs to thicken. And then it is a broth.

Item, in the same way make a lardy gruel of veal, kid or deer.


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SOUP of HARE or CONEY is made thus: roast the hare on a spit or on the grill (Le Menagier de Paris)

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