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Xciv - tart Of fish

This is an excerpt from Libro di cucina / Libro per cuoco
(Italy, 14th/15th c. - Louise Smithson, trans.)
The original source can be found at Louise Smithson's website

XCIV - Tart of fish. Take three large tench or one large eel and three ounces of dates fine and half a pound of currants and two ounces of peeled pine nuts and 2 ounces of spices sweet and strong; take the "thenca" well washed and cleaned and crack the back and pull away all the pulp (meat) and take this raw pulp and pound, and paste enough leaves of parsley and of marjoram and fine oil and of the spices well soaked and well full make sausages long like ravioli and fry in oil and enough boil and take the tench that remains and put it to boil with enough parsley and when it is well cooked paste all save the head and put spices and oil and paste and take this filling and make ravioli small with thin pasta make fry in oil and powder with spices; this tart needs to be cooked in a frying pan.


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