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Lxxvii - Shoulder Of mutton Stuffed

This is an excerpt from Libro di cucina / Libro per cuoco
(Italy, 14th/15th c. - Louise Smithson, trans.)
The original source can be found at Louise Smithson's website

LXXVII - Shoulder of mutton stuffed. If you want to make shoulder of mutton stuffed two or four, take the the shoulder of the mutton raised with all the legs ( ? ) and one takes two shoulders for twenty people and three for forty people, it is easy to make for more persons or for less, take the things to this same ratio. Take four nets (casings) of mutton and four spleens of mutton and take six pounds of loin of pork and one large pork liver and its net and take 20 fresh cheeses the best that you can have and take 36 eggs and take one (pound of) dates and one pound of currants and take half a pound of sugar and half an ounce of cinnamon and half of ginger intact and half a quarter of cloves and make half a pound of spices sweet fine well warm and make half a pound of strong spices. Take the shoulder and put to boil whole and let it well cook but not too much that the bones pull out; take it out and raise all the meat as much as you can and beat it well and put in enough parsley and sage and mint and marjoram, if one does have and with this batter put salt and beat the spices and a cheese and salted lard and fresh well beaten and eggs many that are enough. This should be one batter for it. Take the loin of pork well beaten and put with it 6 cheeses fresh all fat and put spices sweet and strong and saffron enough well stamped and eggs enough that it binds. This is another batter for it. Take the liver of the pork boiled, well beaten and put in the Mortar and pestle and mix with it a large onion and paste and a quantity of cumin and eggs and cheese and of the spices enough. This batter needs to be solid and make ravioli; take the net (casing) of pork and they need to be fried in fresh lard and powdered with sugar. This is another batter for it. Take spleens well washed and well scraped ; the one of these spleens stuffed with eggs and with cheese and with good herbs that are green, the other stuffed with cheese and with eggs and with milk and of all the good things that you might have that are white; the third stuff with cheese with eggs and with saffroned spices so that it will be yellow and a fourth stuff with the batter of the mutton that you have. When they are full, these you put to boil until they are cooked. When they are cooked cut two large morsels of each said one and the other two cuts to morsel of spana (bursting) of each, these should be fried. Take 11 dates and a pound of currants and take half a pound of sugar and half whole ginger and half a quarter of cloves, and make half a pound of sweet spices and well yellow and half of strong spices. When they are powdered together do in whatever way you like.


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