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Liv - hen In White broth

This is an excerpt from Libro di cucina / Libro per cuoco
(Italy, 14th/15th c. - Louise Smithson, trans.)
The original source can be found at Louise Smithson's website

LIV - Hen in white broth. If you want to make hen in white broth for 12 persons, take the hens that you have enough about 8, take two pounds and a half of almonds and one ounce and a half of white ginger pounded and half a pound of sugar and one pound and a half of fresh pig abdominal fat (sugnacio) and take the hen and boil it, and when it is boiled, take a quantity of fresh lard and fry them, and when they are fried powder with pounded ginger and sugar and cinnamon and cloves and a little verjuice and rose water enough that it has taste, and make boil a little and then move off for serving and put the hens in the broth, and when it goes to the table serve the hens for cutting, and the dish should be sharp and sweet.


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