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Viii To Make Fine broth Of Calcinelli

This is an excerpt from Due Libri di Cucina - Libro B
(Italy, 15th c. - Rebecca Friedman, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

VIII To make fine broth of calcinelli. If you want to make broth of calcinelli (little shellfish), take the calcinelli and give them a boil in water, and then throw that which is inside and wash it well so that it does not taste of earth, and then put them to fry, and put in marjoram and mint and stone parsley beaten with a knife and take the almonds and don't shell them and grind them with water, and then strain them with a colander and put them with these other things to boil and put in good spices to boil with them and enough orange juice, and let it be good.


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