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Xxvii To Make A tart Of Every Color

This is an excerpt from Due Libri di Cucina - Libro B
(Italy, 15th c. - Rebecca Friedman, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

XXVII To make a tart of every color. If you want to make of lent a tart that is of three colors, one takes sweet almonds four pounds for ten people, and strain them in order that they be well white, and grind them with clear water, and strain them with a colander, and then make them boil and make a junket as this same book says, and put it cold into a dish and put in salt in a good manner, and then make of it three parts. In the first part put mint and stone parsley and marjoram, and crush it well as for making sauce. In the second part one puts saffron, about two coins, and let it be well crushed. The third part as itself, to that which the pie not have a second crust, and if it is well cooked, eat of it.


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