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40. Pottage Of Cracked Barley

This is an excerpt from Libre del Coch
(Spain, 1520 - Robin Carroll-Mann, trans.)
The original source can be found at Mark S. Harris' Florilegium

40. POTTAGE OF CRACKED BARLEY. You will take farro and wash it with cold water two or three times; and when you have washed it well, put it in the pot where it must cook and cast in good hen's broth with the farro all together and cook it on the fire; when it is more than half cooked, you will take good almond milk and cast it in the pot; and then you will put good sugar in the pot while the pot cooks; and when it is well-cooked, take it away from the fire wrapped in a cloth. And when it has rested well, prepare dishes and cast sugar and cinnamon on them.

And likewise if you wish to make sauce you can make it just the same. And if perhaps you wish to make a dish of cracked barley which will be delicate, make it in this manner: take the farro and cook it in good hen's broth, or mutton broth, and when it is more than half cooked, strain it through a woolen cloth; and the strained liquor that comes out must finish cooking with the almond milk; and cook it until it is thickened and then cast sugar upon the dishes; and this dish is good for invalids because it is very delicate.


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