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234. Salted Tunny From The Flank Which Is Called ‘sorra In Valencia

This is an excerpt from Libre del Coch
(Spain, 1520 - Robin Carroll-Mann, trans.)
The original source can be found at Mark S. Harris' Florilegium

234. SALTED TUNNY FROM THE FLANK WHICH IS CALLED ‘SORRA IN VALENCIA. Cook the tunny from the flank with cold water; and when it is cooked, remove it from that water. And put it in other cold water, and wash it very well. There are those who eat it in this way with only orange juice or arugula.

And if you wish to eat it at your pleasure do it in this way. Take the flank of the tuna, and cut it in round slices. And put it in a casserole and cook it over a few coals with a little oil inside. Then take raisins, and almonds and pine_nuts. And gently fry all this with the tunny in the casserole. And then grind in a mortar a few raisins, and almonds; and when they are ground, strain them with a little vinegar and water; and put this sauce over the slices of tunny and the other things; and put to it a good amount of ground cinnamon and honey and sugar. And then let all that cook a good while with the aforesaid slices of tunny.

And you can also make dishes of these if you wish, and if not make a large platter in this manner.

When the flank is good, and cooked with all your preparations, you can make a plate of it itself, without cutting it, but rather your whole pieces; and cook that sauce, and when it boils, cast it on top.

And if you want it cut, do it in this manner. When the tunny is cooked, cut it, and gently fry it with a little oil; and cast on the sauce; and let it cook a little while; and cast on a little shredded herbs; and prepare dishes.


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