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168. Mirrauste Of pears Which Can Be Given To Sick People

This is an excerpt from Libre del Coch
(Spain, 1520 - Robin Carroll-Mann, trans.)
The original source can be found at Mark S. Harris' Florilegium

168. Mirrauste of pears which can be given to sICK PEOPLE. Take the most tender pears, and peel off their skin and cut them into four quarters and remove the pips and the core. And then cook them in good meat broth, which should be well-salted, and grind peeled almonds; and when they are well-ground, blend them with the broth from the pears. And if this broth does not suffice, take the broth of mutton, and strain it quite thick though a woolen cloth; and when it is strained, put this milk in the pot. And then take a little rice flour, and blend it with that milk and set it to cook on the fire with a good quantity of sugar. And take a little bit of fine whole cinnamon and tie it with a thread and put it into the pot. And send everything [to the fire] to cook; and when it turns thick, and if you do not have milk to cast in, cast in the best and fattiest pot-broth, and let it cook a good hour; and when you know that the flour is cooked, remove it from the fire.

And if by chance, it tastes of smoke, or of charring, or of burning, take a little leaven which is quite sour and tie it in a linen cloth; and make the pot boil constantly; and cast it in so that everything boils together; and know that if the pot does not boil, it will not as swiftly remove the taste of the smoke nor of the scorching; and this you can do in all sauces and pottages; and when the sauce or pottage shall be made, put in those pears which were cooked in the said broth and a little rosewater. And prepare dishes, and upon them cast fine sugar. And this sauce is good for invalids.


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