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This is an excerpt from Libre del Coch
(Spain, 1520 - Robin Carroll-Mann, trans.)
The original source can be found at Mark S. Harris' Florilegium

160. Marinated Mutton. You must take breasts of mutton, and cook them in a pot with your salt; and when it is almost half cooked, remove it from the pot, and cut them into pieces the size of two fingers; and then gently fry it with bacon fat. And then take honey and all spices, and put it in a little pot; and take grated hard bread and cast it inside that honey and the spices; and let there be a greater quantity of cinnamon than the other spices; and then take the best pot-broth and cast it inside, and then the fat which is necessary, according to the quantity of the bread and the meat; then cast in a good cup of white vinegar because the sauce of this pottage needs to be sweet-sour; and cook all this. And while it boils, cast in the meat with a little saffron, because this sauce needs to be deep in color; then prepare dishes of the said pottage, and upon them cinnamon. However you should cast in pears, and quinces which should be cut and have first been brought to a boil, and set them on the meat.


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