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134. Spiral Cakes Of Fritter Which They Call Casquetas In Valencia And In Barcelona

This is an excerpt from Libre del Coch
(Spain, 1520 - Robin Carroll-Mann, trans.)
The original source can be found at Mark S. Harris' Florilegium

134. spiral cakes of fritter Which They Call CASQUETAS in Valencia and in Barcelona. Make a spiral biscuit in the oven which is thoroughly twice-baked , and at the time of kneading it, put in a little oil because it will be better to cut and to grind, and when it is all grated, grind it very fine. And then take as much fritter-stuff as the biscuit, grated and powdered, which is hazelnuts and toasted almonds and some ground pine_nuts. And grind everything together; and when it is well-ground, mix the flour as one with the ground biscuit; and when it is all well-mixed and ground, take fine spices, and the greatest amount should be pepper. And mix it very vigorously with the paste in such a way that the spice incorporates well with the paste; and then take honey, and set it to cook. And when bubbles burst or boil, skim it well. And then boil it a little, (but not much, because if it were very cooked it would not remain able to mix well with the paste, because it would be very hard) in such a manner that it is better to be cooked a little than much. And this being done, remove it from the fire so that it cools a bit; and then, cast the fritter-stuff upon the honey, and when you can bear to handle it with your hands, knead it very well on a smooth stone table. And knead it as vigorously as well-kneaded dough. And upon each of these rosquillas you can stick in pine_nuts before finishing it.

However, before all of this, you must have dough made of very good flour, well-kneaded with oil, and quite firm, which you will knead with water which has a little saffron blended in it, so that the dough has color. However, don't cast in much saffron. And when it is well-kneaded, take little pieces of it, and with a smooth and round cane make it very thin, in such a way that it remains quite thin. And with a knife cut it into equal strips, and each will serve for one casqueta. And then each strip is filled up with your paste or put your pine_nuts stuck in between the paste and the fritter-stuff, as I have said; and this being done, cover the rosquillas with your covering of dough. And being covered, paint them with your small tongs very well painted. And then put them in the oven, it is to be understood, after they have taken all the bread out of the aforesaid oven, so that there only remains the heat that is necessarily required to cook this fritter. And in this way they cannot burn, nor is it possible that they burn, but [hot] enough that they cook well. And when they are very well-cooked, take them out with much circumspection, so that they do not burn.

And if you wish to make them royal, in place of fritter paste, put paste of marzipan, of almonds, or of royal paste. And these you can give to any king or great lord.


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