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131. Pastries Of Fine Sugar

This is an excerpt from Libre del Coch
(Spain, 1520 - Robin Carroll-Mann, trans.)
The original source can be found at Mark S. Harris' Florilegium

131. PASTRIES OF FINE SUGAR. You must take a pound of peeled almonds and grind them dry without casting any water or broth on them so that they will become very oily, because the oilier they are the better they will be. And then take a pound and a half of white sugar that has been pulverized. And mix it well with the almonds. And when everything is well-mixed and ground, if it should be very hard, soften it with a little rosewater. And when the dough has been softened a little, dust a little ginger over it, at your discretion, well-ground. And then take dough made from flour and knead it with good eggs and sweet fine oil. And from this dough make tortillas, or empanadillas, or spiral cakes. And fill them with said dough. And then put a casserole on the fire with good sweet oil. And when it boils cast in these empanadillas. And cook them until they turn yellow like the color of gold. And when you take them from the fire, cast liquefied honey on top. And upon the honey, [cast] sugar and cinnamon.


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