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127. Genovese tart

This is an excerpt from Libre del Coch
(Spain, 1520 - Robin Carroll-Mann, trans.)
The original source can be found at Mark S. Harris' Florilegium

127. Genovese Tart. A pound of almonds well-peeled, and another of pine_nuts, and another of toasted hazelnuts, and grind them all together in a mortar and after grinding, set them aside. And take a pot with water, and salt, and oil. And this shall be on a flesh day, and taste [to see] if it is well-salted; and take a half pound of raisins without seeds, and three ounces of peeled dates cut into quarters, and three or four apples which are sweet-sour or sweet, and quarter them and remove the core and seeds, and cast them in the pot to cook. And when it is well-boiled, the apples will be cooked. And then remove them from the water, and grind them with the dates, and raisins, and almonds, and with the hazelnuts, and pine_nuts. And after they are well-ground, blend it all with the said broth; and if it is a flesh day, you may cast into the mortar a dozen eggs ground up with the aforementioned things. And then strain it through a sieve, and having done this take good dough which is well-kneaded, and make a trencher as large as if it were the bottom of the frying pan which you have, and make its edges like a empanada without a top; however, let it be the size of the frying pan neither more no less, and put it in the frying pan; and when it is inside, cast in a little oil underneath so that the dough does not stick to the frying pan; and then cast all that sauce or foodstuff in the pie, and put it upon good hot cinders; and then take a lid which is as large as the frying pan, that will cover it well, and put a good fire of charcoal above and below and around it. And when it has been like this for a little while, carefully remove the lid from the top, and cast into the tart two ounces of sugar, and one of ground cinnamon, and then cover it again with its lid; and cook two hours until the dough comes away from the frying-pan; and then it is cooked, and remove it to a plate as if it were an omelet; and put it on the table like a pie.


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