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104. Sauce Which Is Called Pine Nut Dish Of garlic

This is an excerpt from Libre del Coch
(Spain, 1520 - Robin Carroll-Mann, trans.)
The original source can be found at Mark S. Harris' Florilegium

104. Sauce Which is Called PINE NUT DISH of Garlic. You will take a pound of pine_nuts, and another of peeled almonds, and grind them very well, each by itself, and then both together. And cook two heads of garlic in a little pot with broth of hen or mutton; and then when the garlic is well-cooked, grind it with the pine_nuts and with the well-peeled almonds; first [grind] the garlic, and when it is all well-ground, grind also with it a little grated cheese, which is very good, with eight or nine hard-boiled egg yolks; and when everything is well-ground, blend it with the broth of hen, and mutton. And set it to cook in a very clean pot; and cast into it one or two ounces of sugar, and a little bit of rose vinegar tempered with rosewater in which crushed cloves, and ginger, and cinnamon, and pepper have been steeping overnight; and cook it until it is cooked and quite thick; and prepare dishes, and cast sugar and cinnamon over it.


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