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This is an excerpt from Liber cure cocorum [Sloane MS 1986]
(England, 1430)
The original source can be found at Thomas Gloning's website

For a servise on fysshe day. Fyrst white pese and porray þou take, Cover þy white heryng for goddys sake. Þen cover red heryng and set abufe, And mustard on heghe, for goddys lufe. Þen cover salt salmon on hast, Salt ele þer wyth on þis course last. For þe secunde course, so god me glad, Take ryse and fletande fignade, Þan salt fysshe and stok fysshe take þou schalle, For last of þis course, so fayre me falle. For þe iii cours sowpys dorre fyne, And also lampronus in galentyne, Bakun turbut and sawmon ibake Alle fresshe, and smalle fysshe þou take Þer with, als trou3te, sperlynges and menwus with al, And loches to hom sawce versance shal.