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For White pese After Porray

This is an excerpt from Liber cure cocorum [Sloane MS 1986]
(England, 1430)
The original source can be found at Thomas Gloning's website

For white pese after porray. Take boyled water wyth honey swete, Sethe in þy pesone þat ben so sete, While þat þey lie be hom selfe þere With mynsud onyons and no more, To serve on fysshe day with grappays, With sele fysshe or ellis with porpays, Opone fyssh dayes 3if þat hit falle, Þus sethe þy pese I wot þou schalle. Temper hom in brothe of bacun clene And kepe þe gravé hit be not sene. 3if þay ben harde and wynnot alye Brysse hom or strene hom, Sir, wyturlye. Thre leches of bacun lay þou mot In brothe. and serve fulle wele þou wot With þy pese, þat soþun ar wele, To ete þerwith, so have þou cele.


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