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For Sirup

This is an excerpt from Liber cure cocorum [Sloane MS 1986]
(England, 1430)
The original source can be found at Thomas Gloning's website

For sirup. Take befe and sklice hit fayre and thynne, Of þo luddock with owte or ellis with in. Take mynsud onyouns, and powder also Of peper, and suet and befe þerto And cast þeron, rolle hit wele, Enbroche hit overtwert, so have þou cele. And rost hit browne as I þe kenne, And take brothe of fresshe flesshe þenne, and alye hit with bred er þou more do, And mynsud onyons þou cast þer to, With powder of peper and clowes in fere. Boyle alle togeder, as I þe lere, Þenne boylyd blode take þou shalle. Strene hit þorowghe clothe, colour hit withalle. Þenne take þy rost, and sklyce hit clene In þe lengethe of a fynger. boyle hit by dene In þe same sewe. serve hit þou may In a disshe togedur I say.


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