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Chewetes On Flesshe Daye

This is an excerpt from Liber cure cocorum [Sloane MS 1986]
(England, 1430)
The original source can be found at Thomas Gloning's website

Chewetes on flesshe daye. Take lyver of porke and kerve hit smalle, As to a pye be hewen hit schalle, And hennes þerwith do alle in a panne, And frye hit wele as þou wele kanne. Make a cofyne as to smalle pye, Do þat þerin. and 3olkes þerby Of harde egges sothun, and eke þou take Powder of gynger and salt to bake. Kerve hit and frye hit in grece ful gode, Wele pynchyd serve on last by þo rode, Here endes oure cure, þat I of spake, Of potage, hasteletes, and mete And sawce þer to, with oute lesyng, Cryst mot our sowles to hevene bryng.


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