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Xiv - Brine To Seethe Which Can Be Used For Meat Or fish All Through The Year

This is an excerpt from Koge Bog
(Denmark, 1616 - Martin Forest, trans.)
The original source can be found at Martin Forest's website

XIV - Brine to seethe which can be used for meat or fish all through the year. Take all kinds of brines whatever it has been on fish or meat and however old or off it is. Is there any unmelted salt in it then beat it well with clean water so that it is strong and can carry an egg. Thereafter seethe the same brine together so that it is brought well to the boil a few times and becomes well this way. In hte mean time scum off the worst uncleanness from it. The which scum shall be taken up in a basket and a clean cloth over it so that the clean pickle can leak through. Then tie a clean piece of linen or cloth over a barrel and sieve the brine through it. Let it sit therein and use it as you need it as you see fit. Towards Easter all the meat that was killed after Michaelmas should be taken out of the brine it is in, and be cleaned (however that brine is also seethed as previously described) and put into a clean barrel and the brine that was made this way shall be poured over it. The which brine will keep the meat right through the summer without spoiling. If one is caused in the snake's month [july] or in summer to kill an animal and wanted to keep the meat then rub the same meat well with bay salt and let it lie for 24 hours and hten pour the same brine thereover so that the meat is covered by it, and it will be undamaged in all ways. Concerning lamb's meat, fresh fish or other such food that one intends soon to consume, it is not necessary to rub it with bay salt, but only to put in the aforementioned brine.


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