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Lxxxi - To Cook pork Game

This is an excerpt from Koge Bog
(Denmark, 1616 - Martin Forest, trans.)
The original source can be found at Martin Forest's website

LXXXI - To cook pork game. Boil the piece of pork well in clean water and salt it to taste. When it's cooked then ut it in small or big pieces whichever you want. Take baked simmel and gingerbread in a pot, pour a good wine over it or sweet [kavente]. Put it at the fire and let boil well. Add sugar or honey therein and make it taste lively. Add thereto peper, ginger, cloves and a little saffron that it's nicely brown. Salt it to taste. Peel ripe apples, cut each in four parts. Put them in a pot. Add thereto big raisins and pour over pork fat and a little wine. Add a little saffron thereto so it's yellow. Put it to the fire to seethe softly. Serve out the game and spread this colour thereover and serve it up.


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