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Xi - Several Kinds Of Game Roasts To pickle

This is an excerpt from Koge Bog
(Denmark, 1616 - Martin Forest, trans.)
The original source can be found at Martin Forest's website

XI - Several kinds of game roasts to pickle. Take the game as it is larded / dripping'ed and well fried, let it go cold. Thereafter take as much vinegar as can cover the same game, and also honey that is cleared, scummed and well cleaned. Put as much of the same honey in the vinegar as you want it to be sweet. In the same manner put in half-crushed pepper, whole cloves and nutmeg flowers crushed between the hands. Let it seethe well together half an hour. Thereafter pass the same decoction through a hair sieve or clean cloth. Take some of the same herbs with thyme, marjoram, half-crushed pepper and sprinkle in the bottom of the vessel the Vildbrand shall be put into. And then a layer of the roast, then the herbs again, and then another layer of which you have any left, and then put the decoction over it. Keep it well and cover it with a clean cloth. When you want to use the roast then don't pick it up with bare hands, but with a fork or fork so that what remains isn't spoiled and ruined. When you want to put the roast on the table then pour the same sauce over it, as muhc as is needed.


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