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Liv - To Cook Chopped fish

This is an excerpt from Koge Bog
(Denmark, 1616 - Martin Forest, trans.)
The original source can be found at Martin Forest's website

LIV - To cook chopped fish. Take the scales off pikes, carps etc. And take out all the bones little and big, and chop it then small. Cut into it parsley root and the green herb and grated wheat bread. Mix this all well together and sprinkle in herbs and salt to taste, pepper, ginger, saffron and salt. Put it in a pan with water on the fire and let it boil. Then make balls of the chopped fish, as big as hens' eggs, and throw them in the water and let well seethe. When they are now cooked take them out and cut each in two pieces and make a green sauce with parsely over it as previously said in chapter 50. If you don't want it green make it yellow.


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