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Liii - To Cook A pike In Hungarian

This is an excerpt from Koge Bog
(Denmark, 1616 - Martin Forest, trans.)
The original source can be found at Martin Forest's website

LIII - To cook a pike in Hungarian. If you want to prepare an expensive dish of pike in Hungarian then scrape off the scales well, chop it in pieces and clean it out. Sprinkle salt over it in a bowl and let it stand for a while. Take red onion, peel htem. Take apples and cut them in nice slices. Put the pike in a pan with good strong wine, put it on the fire to boil. When it is well boiled add thereto herbs, cinnamon, nutmeg, nutmeg flowers and saffron. Make it well yellow and taste if it is right. If it is too sour then make it sweeter with sugar.


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