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Xxxii - pastry Of Young hens

This is an excerpt from Koge Bog
(Denmark, 1616 - Martin Forest, trans.)
The original source can be found at Martin Forest's website

XXXII - Pastry of young hens, laying hens, doves or other such birds. Half-fry it first, then cut it in pieces. Then make a hard pastry shell and grease it inside with fat or bone marrow. Then sprinkle in it marjoram, thyme or other such crushed herbs. Put the half-fried food therein and give over it pepper, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon. If you want you can also well give finely chopped almond into it, so that you put every other layer herbs, and every other layer of the food. Then make a cover over it of dough and close it well. But in the middle of the cover make a hole. Then put it in the oven which however isn't preheated, and then let it very slowly bake. When it is half-baked, then take it out and give rosewater thereto and hten put it back in to finish baking. When you want to carry it forth, cut the cover off nicely.


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