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This is an excerpt from Koge Bog
(Denmark, 1616 - Martin Forest, trans.)
The original source can be found at Martin Forest's website

XXIIX - To make Lutendranck. These spices below should be crushed coarsely and mixed: R. Cardamom 5 Lod (78g), Ginger 3 Quintin (12g), Cinnamon 4 Lod (62g), Nutmeg 3 Quintin (12g), Grains of Paradise 1 Lod (16g), When you want to make two Alegar or eight pots [8l] of wine to Lutendranck, then first put a brass pan on the fire with two pounds of sugar [1Kg] and of aforementioned wine two pots poured thereon. Let the same wine become a syrup with the sugar. When the wine and sugar are seething, then add 8 Lod [124g] of the aforementioned spices into it. Quickly take it off the fire and pour it through a Lutendrancks bag [straining bag]. Thereupon add the other 6 pots of wine cold, and let then 3 or 4 leak through the same bag until it's clear then it is ready. If you add a spoonful of sweet milk or the white off an egg into it it will be ready immediately. If you want to make less. R. Of the aforementioned crushed and mixed herbs 5 Lod [78g], sugar 1 ½ pound [750g], and treat it as written before, Differently and less, Cinnamon 5 Lod (78g), Cardamom 2 Lod (31g), Sugar 1 Pound (500g).