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Also starlings And pheasants And All birds That Eat juniper Are Healthy

This is an excerpt from Das Kochbuch des Meisters Eberhard
(Germany, 15th century - V. Bach, trans.)
The original source can be found at Mark S. Harris' Florilegium

Also starlings and pheasants and all birds that eat juniper are healthy, they are hot and cause loss of appetite bad body fluids [bad humors]. The same is also caused by all waterfowl such as herons and wild ducks and many other birds.

Item staren vnd fasant vnd alle vogel, die wachalternn essenn, die sein alle gesund, die sein hiczig vnd machenn vnlustigk zu essenn vnd böse materig. Vnd das thun auch alle wasser vogel, die in dem wasser wonent als reyger vnd wild entenn vnd mancherley vogel.


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