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To Bake A Red deare

This is an excerpt from The Good Housewife's Jewell
(England, 1596)
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To bake a Red deare. Take a handfull of Time, and a handfull of rosemarye, a handfull of winter sauerye, a handful of Bay leaues, and a handful of fennel, and when your liquor seethe that you perboyle your Venison in, put in your hearbes also, and perboyle your venison vntill it be halfe enough, then take it out and lay it vpon a faire boorde that the water may runne out from it, then take a knife and pricke it full of holes, and while it is warme, haue a faire Traye with vineger therein, and so put your Venison therein from morning vntill night, and euer now, and then turne it vpside downe, and then at night haue your coffin ready, and this done season it with synamon, ginger, and Nutmegges, Pepper and salte, and when you haue seasoned it, put it into your coffin, and put a good quantity of sweete Butter into it, and then put it into the Ouen at hight, when you goe to bedde, and in the morning draw it forth, and put in a saucer full of vineger into your Pye, at a hole aboue in the toppe of it, so that the vineger may runne into eueryplace of it, and then stop the hole againe, and turne the bottome vpward, and so serue it in.


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