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To Make Bake Meates

This is an excerpt from The Good Housewife's Jewell
(England, 1596)
The original source can be found at

To make bake meates. Take a legge of Lambe, and cut out all the fleshe, and saue the skynne whole, then mince it fine and white with it, then oyt in grated bread, and some egges white and all, and some Dates and Currantes, then season it with some Pepper, Cynamon Ginger, and some Nutmegges and Carrawaies, and a little creame, and temper it altogether, then put it into the legge of the Lambe againe, and let it bake a little before you put it into your Pye, and when you haue put it into your Pye, then put in a little of the Pudding about it, and when it is almost baked, then put in veriuce, suger and sweet butter, and so serue it.


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