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To Boyle A mallard With cabbadge

This is an excerpt from The Good Housewife's Jewell
(England, 1596)
The original source can be found at

To boyle a Mallard with Cabbadge. Take some cabbadge, and prick and wash them cleane, and perboyle them in faire water, then put them into a Collender, and let the water runne from them cleane, then put them into a faire Earthen Pot, and as much sweete Broth as will couer the cabbadge, and sweete Butter, then take yonr Mallard and roste it halfe enough, and saue the dripping of him, then cut him in the side, and put the mallard into the cabbedge, and put into it all your dripping, then let it stew an houre, and season it with salte, and serue it vppon soppes.


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