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To Boile A capon In White broth

This is an excerpt from The Good Housewife's Jewell
(England, 1596)
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To boile a Capon in white broth. Take a good Capon and scalde him and trusse him and when he is faire washed put him in your pot, and take a good marie bone too, or if you haue no marie bone take a necke of Mutton and when your Capon is halfe boyled take a pottle of the vppermost of your broth and put it into a fayre posnet, then take two handfulles of fine Currans, and viij Dates cut every one of them in foure peeces, and four or fiue whole mace, foure spoonfulles of Vergious, and so much suger as an egge, a little Time, and a little persely, and a little Margerum, and if you haue no Margerum, then one small sprig of rosemary, bind all your hearbes fast together, and when you haue cleane washed them, put to the saide hearbes Suger, currans, mace, and vergice into your posnet, and a grated Nutmegge, and let them boyle altogither, and when it is almost enough, haue a small handfull of almondes blanched and beaten, and strained with a little of the same liquor, and put that into your broth a good quarter of an houre before you take it vp, and that will make it white, you must also put in some good peeces of marie, and let not the marie and the dates seeth aboue half an houre, you must take a good handfull of prunes, and tie them in cleane clothes, & seeth them in the broth where the Capon is, when you take vp your capon to serue it in, lay a few sippets in the bottome of your platter, and laye a fewe Prunes and Barberyes both about the brimme of the platter, and also vpon the Capon, you may boyle chickins in the like sort.


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