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The Boyling Of A capon

This is an excerpt from The Good Housewife's Jewell
(England, 1596)
The original source can be found at

The boyling of a capon. Seeth the Capon it selfe in water and salt and nothing else, and to make the broth Viz. Take strong broth made with beefe or mutton broth, so that it be strong broth, and put into it, rosemarie, parselie & time, with iii. leaues of sage, this let seeth in it a good while, and then put into it small raysons and a fewe whole mace. A quarter of an houre before it be readie to bee taken from the fire, haue readie sodden foure or v. egges boyled harde, take nothing out but the yolks streyne the egges with a little of the same broth and vergice, haue a litle marie cut in small peeces, and if that time of yeare do serue, take the best of lettice, cutting off the toppes to the white and best, and take a fewe prunes with two or three dates. Thus let it seeth a quarter of an hour or more, and when it is ready to take vp, haue your dish with soppes readie, and the water well strained out of the capon, and then season the broth with a little pepper, then take it and dish it and scrape vpon it a litle suger laying the prunes round about the dish side.


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