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A Copie Of Doctor Steeuens Water

This is an excerpt from The Good Housewife's Jewell
(England, 1596)
The original source can be found at

A Copie of Doctor Steeuens water. Take a gallon of Gascoigne wine, then take Ginger, Galingale, Camamill, Cinamon, Graines, Cloues, Mace, anyseedes, Fennell seedes, Carraway seedes, of euery of them one dramme, that is two pence halfepeny waight, then take Suger minced, red Roses, Time, Pellitorie of the wall, wilde Margerum, Peniryall, Penimountain wilde Time, Lauender, auens, of euery of them one handfull, then beate the spice small, and bruse the hearbes, and put all to the wine, and let it stand twelue houres, stirring of it diuers times then still it in a Limbecke, and keepe the first pinte of water by it selfe, so it is best, then will come a second water, which is not so good as the first, the vertue of this water is this: It comforteth the spirites, and preserueth greatlye the youth of man, and helpeth inwarde diseases comming of colde, against the shaking of the Palsey, it cureth the contraction of sinewes and helpeth the vnception of women, it killeth the wormes in the bellye, it helpeth the toothache, it helpeth the colde Gowte, it comforteth the stomack, it cureth the cold Dropsye, it helpeth the Stone in the Bladder, and the Reines of the backe, it cureth the Canker, it helpeth shortlye a stinking breath. And who so vseth this water now and then and not too often, it preserueth him a good liking, and shall make him seeme yong very long.


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