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To Make A Vaunt

This is an excerpt from The Good Housewife's Jewell
(England, 1596)
The original source can be found at

To make a vaunt. Take marie of Beefe as much as you can holde in both your hands, cut it as big as great dice, then take dates and cutte them as bigge as small Dice, then take fortie prunes and cutte the fruites fromt he stones, then take halfe a handfull of small raisons, wash them cleane and pricke them, and put your marie in a fayre platter, and your Dates, Prunes and small raisons, then take twenty yolkes of egges, and put in your stuffe before rehearsed, then take a quarterne of Suger or more, and beate it small and put in your marrow, then take two spoonefulles of Sinamon and a spoonefull of Ginger, and put them to your stuffe and mingle them altogether, then take eight yolkes of egges, and foure spoonefuls of Rosewater, straine them and out a little suger in it, then take a faire frying panne and out in a little peece of butter in it, as much as a walnut & set it vpon a good fire, and when it looketh almost blacke, put it out of your panne, and as fast as you can put halfe of your egges in the misest of your panne, and frie it yellowe, and when it is fried, put it into a faire dish, and put your stuffe therein, and spredde it all the bottome of your dish, and then make another vaunt euen as ye made the other, and set it vpon a faire boord, cut it in pretie peeces, of the length of your will finger, as long as your vaunt is, and laye it vppon your stuffe after the fashion of a little windowe, and then cutte off the endes of them as muche as lieth without the inward compasse of the dish, then set the dish within the Ouen, or in a baking panne, and let it bake with leasure, and when it is baked enough, the marrowe will come faire out of the vaunt to the the brim of the dish, then drawe it out, and and cast a litle suger on it, and so serue it in.


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